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We provide an initial assessment for you. We talk to key personnel regarding the current solutions you have in place.

We take that information away, and come up with a proposal for different possible solutions with a project report.


We meet with your Management, and any key personnel that may need to be involved, to discuss the possible solutions that will fit your business model. We welcome any input that will make it a win-win strategy.

If you need assistance in making a decision, to pick a suitable solution, we are there to help you - gladly.


Once a decision on a solution is made, we make plans covering all possible scenarious to implement it seamlessly. Your feedback is essential at this time to tweak the system to work at peak efficiency.

As an extension to this stage, we can also continue to monitor the implemented solution, and continue to manage it, if that is needed. This is provided as a modular plan, and is optional.


As with any new system / solution implementation there is always a need to get the staff to go through some training. We provide such training as needed for all personnel to adapt to the changes.

We are there, as always, to provide with several ways to accomplish this goal. One-on-one, in groups, online Knowledge Base and/or Q&A forums.

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