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DISCLAIMER: Any similarities to some of the content in this Blog to other comparable websites is just mere coincidence. This is a non-profit site meant to be helpful for Parents who are faced with what they would call as unmanageable children, whereas I would proceed with much caution and choose words even more carefully. I would use the term a new challenge in their travel as parents.

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The challenge ...

Supporting your children is the biggest challenge parents face after a certain age. Parents keep changing their role as the child grows older, without realizing it … they are subconsciously doing that. This changing of the role the parents play in their childrens life, as the children grow older,  may work in some situations and in some families. If you are one of those families, breathe a sigh of relief, thank God (if you are religious), be very, very glad and go about your merry way – because yours is a very rare family!

Let us get back to the majority of families, whom this article is being targetted. As if dealing with one child is not difficult enough, in a lot of cases, there is an added twist to this challenge which is, if a family has a male and a female child. These parents have to account for this and wear one hat for a female child and another for a male child in some instances, while wearing the same hat, for both children, in other circumstances. Now, how does one figure out these permutations and combinations for the different situations, male child, female child, etc., etc., is the most difficult part. 

If you think I have an answer for all such scenarios, you are completely bonkers! I do not have an answer – why? Because I do not profess to be an expert in child rearing, child psychology, child health, child anything … 

Each family will have to be dealt with separately based on a number of factors. Soooo… in other words – no one solution fits all !!!

Listening ...

Listening is a very important aspect in life – for everyone !!! Whether it is a child, a young adult or a grown up. Listening provides us a way to gather information. Whether that information is accurate, true or otherwise, depends on each individual’s capacity to process it. Once it is processed, we store it in our memory – this then is defined as data. Of course, some data can be accurate, some can be inaccurate. Some data can be true, some can be false. 

I feel that as a child, while they are still at home with the family members, this listening to others is at the higest peak. Very natural … since as a child they are curious, they want to touch, to smell, to taste things. The information they gather is mainly (and very impactfully) from observing others in the family – father, mother, brother, sister, visitors. And when they get to talking, they ask questions.

Story about the pregnant lady!

At the next level of childhood, when they go to school, they are still curious – and now they have more resources – teachers and classmates.

Pre-school children ...

This is the easiest period of time, when both the child and parents are completely relaxed! They spend a lot of time together, play together, eat together, sleep together … in other words – togetherness is the key word here, as you probably noticed. This togetherness will diminish over the years. Not anyone’s fault. Not the child’s fault, not the parents fault. It is very common and natural. So, don’t break your heads over it. There is no magical solution for it.


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